Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Posted by Stephanie Michelli on September 13, 2022

We’ve got Fall fever on the Gulf Coast, even if it is 95 degrees with 100% humidity. However, Starbucks has spoken. They have released their perennial Pumpkin Spice Latte and with it, all the Fall feels. Cooler weather and cute tailgating outfits? Yes, please. Bring on the football, food, and fashion - we’re here for all of it. We’ve rounded up some sweater-weather fashion classics, plus the season’s hottest trends, in anticipation of all things FALL. Sit back, sip your Pumpkin Spice and let the cool(er) vibes begin.

The Classics

Round Sunglasses

Rio Ray Optics SOHO pays homage to her classic preppy cousin, the round tortoise frame, but adds her own hint of modern with a half-metal frame and polarized lenses. She’s even available with prescription lenses. SOHO is playfully sophisticated; perfect for selfies, tailgating, and afternoons in the stadium.

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The Turtleneck

What is more classic than a turtleneck? It’s the ultimate flexible piece, able to dress up or down, go under jackets, vests, and shawls, or stand alone for that timeless, tried-and-true look. Go with a fitted, ribbed number for a collegiate prep vibe, or put a cable knit tunic over leggings for pee wee football and Target runs. Truly, a warm neck is underrated.

The Blazer

All the cool kids know the power of a great blazer. Whether you’re a string bean or curvy like a back road, a well cut blazer is an instant outfit upgrade. They’ve got ‘em cut high, so they sit at the waist, or cut low, so they hide the problem zone. Either way, a blazer elevates any outfit. In our modern casual world, you can’t go wrong with a blazer over jeans with a cute bootie. Which is an ankle boot. What did you think I meant?

The Sweat Suit

Stay with me on this one. Who among us hasn’t rocked a matching set of Hanes sweat pieces, elastic at the ankle and wide, flattering band at the waist? I did, growing up. I was forbidden to leave the house in them. The sweat suit has seen a lot of iterations since the 1980’s - the track suit of the 90’s, the legging craze of the 2000’s, plus the jogger trend of the past several years. And now we’ve come full circle, back to sweat suits. Better cut, more tapered, and even somewhat flattering, but still a glorified sweat suit. And why not? They are the ultimate in comfort, and they can go from hanging out to out-and-about with minimal effort. Great strides have been made since my teenage sweat suit days. We have, indeed, come a long way, baby.

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2022 Fall Trends

Baggy Jeans

We’ve all prayed for it, and the fashion gods have answered. It is no longer unfashionable to wear comfortable jeans. Enough said.

Bomber Jackets

Thank you, Top Gun 2.

The original Top Gun had us all swooning over aviators and bomber jackets, and the sequel has revived the craze. But, really, has a good bomber jacket ever really been out of vogue? This year’s are a little oversized, but retain the vintage shape and style of the original. Maybe this belongs in the classics category?

Over the Top

Saturated color, sequins, fringe, and pretty much whatever you can dream up, as long as it’s over the top, is hot this season. Settle down, now.

Honorable Mention

The Shacket

We think the adorable and comfy Shacket- shirt+jacket - deserves some props. It was arguably last Fall’s best trend, and frankly a wardrobe-changer.We don’t get too cold for too long down here on the coast, and this sensible shirt/jacket allows us to stay warm (enough) and look cute, all without the bulk and hassle of a coat. Hats off to the genius who thought up the Shacket, and thanks from all us Southern girls. We hereby nominate the Shacket for the classic category.

Listen, we’re not fashion editors over here, but we do get up and get dressed every day. We think all of these Fall classics and trends are easy wearing, go-to styles and there’s something for pretty much everyone. We at Rio Ray want the same thing for your sunglasses. Whether you prefer the latest trends or reliable classics, we know you can find the perfect pair for you at Rio Ray.

Come on, y’all. Lattes up for a toast! Here’s to Fall, fresh fashion finds, and, who are we kidding, football season. We live for football season. Cheers!