Rio Ray: Adventure In Focus

Our story is a simple one, really, but the resulting deep roots and passion are nothing short of inspired. When we were acquired by optical industry experts in 2022, Rio Ray was a company in need of an identity. We knew our identity would define our culture, our brand, and our product and we wanted to get it right.

In our case, identity was just outside our window. We were guided by location, location, location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi.


We embarked on an adventure of discovery and re-definition with our move to the Gulf Coast. And why not? Ocean Springs is the perfect combination of southern charm, tropical beauty, and sporting paradise. With its premium location on the Gulf of Mexico, Ocean Springs is influenced by all the countries that share its warm waters. The result is Costa Rica meets Kentucky Derby - equal parts wilderness and gentility.


And just like that, Rio Ray’s identity was clear. We set out to reflect the cultural tapestry of the Gulf in our product line and our attitude: professional but ever vigilant for the next great adventure.

We like to think of ourselves as balanced. Rugged and refined. Adventurous and glamorous. Wild and genteel - just like the Gulf itself. Who says we have to be one or the other? Our mission is to craft eyewear that rolls with the ebb and flow of life.


Of course, everyone wants style. First impressions are, after all, everything. We’ve got style at Rio Ray. Whether it’s red-fishing-in-the-marsh kind of morning or seersucker suit-in-the-courtroom kind of afternoon, we’ve got the look you’re after. We pride ourselves on crafting eyewear for all the hats you wear.


But we know it’s the quality that keeps you coming back.


Fortunately, Rio Ray has forged a great relationship with a premium optical lab that also calls Ocean Springs home. As a result, we can offer the highest quality frames and lenses without compromising our signature style. Our state-of-the-art features include R2 Premium Polarized Lenses for the ultimate in clarity, RFlex+ Hinges, durable and functional frames, plus lab-direct prescription options so you don’t have to choose between vision and style.


Our mission at Rio Ray has never been clearer. We set out every day to craft functional and inspirational products. Our engineers strive to develop versatile products that can travel with you, because - newsflash - life isn’t static. Your eyewear should take you from the board room to the paddle board and all points in between.


We vow to continue innovating and inspiring the adventurer in all of us, while ensuring our products exceed every expectation. Thank you, our loyal customer, for joining our Rio Ray family and for trusting us with your optical needs.


Life is better with Adventure in Focus.